Generate Biomedicines

Generate:Biomedicines is a new kind of therapeutics company—existing at the intersection of machine learning, biological engineering, and medicine—pioneering generative biology to create breakthrough medicines.

Through The Generate Platform, we are able to expand the breadth of technical possibilities in order to fundamentally change the way medicines are made.

Now we can.

We’ve studied millions of proteins in order to learn the generalizable rules by which nature encodes function. We can use those learned rules to generate novel medicines with specific therapeutic functions.

We call this breakthrough generative biology. It represents a fundamental shift in what’s possible in the field of therapeutic development, and we are incredibly excited as we realize the breadth of its potential.


Moving beyond the discovery of medicines.

The Generate Platform can generate medicines on demand across multiple therapeutic modalities with unprecedented speed and success rates, representing a fundamental shift in drug discovery.

Building the future of medicine, together.

140k+ square feet of space in our new Boynton Yards and Andover locations. A collectively unstoppable team dedicated to democratizing biotherapeutics, with more joining all the time. 42,000 proteins generated, built, and tested – and we’re just getting started.