Pushing boundaries in everything we do.

Our people work across disciplines to advance ideas and science together.

We are pioneering the field of Generative Biology: a revolutionary approach to drug development that allows us to program protein-based modalities for the first time.

Generative Biology is only possible through a true integration of scientific disciplines. We are a close-knit group of cross-disciplinary experts in machine learning, biological engineering, and medicines, each conversant in one another’s fields, working together to create a new one.

Charting a new future of biological engineering and medicine development.

By bringing together machine learning, automated experimentation, and cutting-edge science, Generate Biomedicines will change the way biotherapeutics are developed. 

We will move the industry from one rooted in trial-and-error drug discovery to one in which novel therapies are generated reliably, predictably, and instantaneously to serve areas of greatest unmet medical need.

Generate: Enduring Priorities

Our consistent drive to expand what’s possible.

Radically improve R&D productivity by innovating across all aspects of drug discovery and development.

We are building the biotech company of the future with a team of world-renowned talent.

Maximize platform impact through data generation and strategic partnerships.

By marrying bio and tech in an integrated platform, we’re simultaneously working on groundbreaking science while scaling discoveries for market.

Create a pipeline of life-changing medicines.

This is our true north: making a bigger impact by expanding what’s scientifically possible in healthcare.

Build the best team in the industry.

Cross-team collaboration is embedded in how we work, from our process to our wet/​dry lab headquarters.


  • Molly Gibson

    Co-Founder & Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer
    Generate Biomedicines
    Senior Principal
    Flagship Pioneering
  • Gevorg Grigoryan

    Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer
    Generate Biomedicines
  • Sean Martin

    Chief Legal Officer & General Counsel
    Generate Biomedicines
  • Michael Nally

    Chief Executive Officer
    Generate Biomedicines
    Flagship Pioneering
  • Jason Silvers

    Chief Financial Officer
    Generate Biomedicines
  • Alex Snyder

    Chief Medical Officer
    Generate Biomedicines
  • Kristen Hopson

    Vice President, Preclinical Discovery and Development
    Generate Biomedicines
  • Adam Root

    Vice President of Protein Sciences
    Generate Biomedicines

Board of Directors

  • Noubar Afeyan

    Chair of the Board
    Generate Biomedicines
    Founder and CEO
    Flagship Pioneering
  • Geoffrey von Maltzahn

    Co-Founder & Director
    Generate Biomedicines
    General Partner
    Flagship Pioneering
  • Frances Arnold

    Generate Biomedicines
    Nobel Laureate, Professor
    California Institute for Technology
  • Stéphane Bancel

    Generate Biomedicines
  • Gary Pisano

    Generate Biomedicines
    Harry Figgie Professor of Business Administration
    Harvard Business School