Moving beyond trial and error in drug development

The Generate Platform infers generalizable principles of biology from at-scale observations to deliberately generate medicines towards treating humanity’s most intractable diseases.

Our platform upends the traditional drug development process and represents a fundamental shift in therapeutic development.

The future of biomedicines

The Generate Platform–which is a continuous loop to generate, build, measure, and learn–can drastically increase the speed at which therapeutics are identified and validated.


Best-in-class algorithms generate protein sequences to answer a specific therapeutic question.


Computationally generated sequences are created as real proteins at scale.


Next-generation systems measure critical molecular characteristics and functions of our generated proteins.


High quality data, generated at scale, drive the improvement in our engine, and every molecule we generate.

Generating de novo protein-protein interactions.

Machine learning models can generate protein complexes of any variety, including antibodies that target defined epitopes and functional antibodies that agonize cell surface receptors.

Generating proteins with specific therapeutic functions.

We can use our machine learning tools to optimize arbitrary protein properties, such as enzymes with increased processivity and specificity.

Proteins that are invisible to the immune system.

The Generate Platform enables us to completely recode a therapeutic protein to retain func­tion while reduc­ing or elim­i­nat­ing recog­ni­tion by the immune system.