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Generate Biomedicines is a new kind of therapeutics company—existing at the intersection of biology, machine learning, and biological engineering—focused on bringing radically new medicines to patients.

We believe that by understanding the underlying principles that govern biology, we can stop relying on the fortuitous discovery of treatments for disease and begin deliberately generating those solutions instead.

We have built a technological platform that is uncovering these principles and have proved that we can use them to generate unprecedented medicines and more. We call this innovation Generative Biology.

Generative Biology merges machine learning and biological engineering to bring a never-before-seen level of control and intentionality to the development of medicines. We are no longer limited to iterating on what already exists in nature. We can now generate completely novel proteins with specific and desired functions. We can create far more effective therapies for patients, and do so faster than could ever be done before.

This breakthrough represents a fundamental shift in what’s possible in the field of therapeutic development, and we are incredibly excited to realize the breadth of its potential.

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Now we can.

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Generate Biomedicines was founded by Flagship Pioneering, which conceives, creates, resources, and develops first-in-category life sciences companies to transform human health and sustainability. As a Flagship Pioneering company, we come from a long line of unprecedented multi-product platform companies like Moderna Therapeutics (NASDAQ: MRNA), Rubius Therapeutics (NASDAQ: RUBY), Indigo Agriculture, and Sana Biotechnology.

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