The future of biomedicines.

Our platform changes the way we treat disease and find cures.

Our machine learning platform can quickly generate custom protein drugs unlike anything that exists today, representing a fundamental shift in how therapeutic development is conducted.

Generating de novo protein-protein interactions.

Generating proteins that bind to specific targets.

Our generative biology platform has uncovered generalizable principles of protein complexes, allowing the prediction of novel binders for desired targets. We are generating antibodies that bind specific epitopes on desired targets, allowing in silico generation of potent antibodies on demand.

Our platform can also overcome challenging aspects of antibody discovery, generating functional and agonistic antibodies and also antibodies to integral membrane proteins, multiprotein complexes, and other traditionally hard-to-hit targets.

Generating proteins with specific therapeutic functions.

The human immune system evolved to recognize and eliminate non-human proteins, limiting the effectiveness of many biomedicines.

Generating an effective biologic medicine requires control of the relationships between protein sequence, structure, function, and immune activation. Our generative biology platform can recode protein sequences while retaining structure and function and evading immune activation.

Proteins that are invisible to the immune system.