Pushing the boundaries in everything we do.

We’re driven by the idea that medicines of the future will be generated, not discovered.

Founded in 2018 by Flagship Pioneering, Generate Biomedicines is the latest in a long line of unprecedented multi-product platform companies like Moderna Therapeutics, Rubius Therapeutics, Indigo Agriculture, and Sana Biotechnology. These companies have pioneered breakthroughs in a variety of life sciences fields. Our leadership team has a track record of successfully pursuing new ideas and are committed to the extraordinary mission of generative medicines.


  • Michael Nally

    Generate Biomedicines
    Flagship Pioneering
  • Molly Gibson

    Co-Founder & Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer
    Generate Biomedicines
    Flagship Pioneering
  • Mike Nohaile

    Chief Scientific Officer
    Generate Biomedicines
  • Gevorg Grigoryan

    Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer
    Generate Biomedicines
  • Andy Beam

    Head of Machine Learning
    Generate Biomedicines
  • Jake Feala

    Head of Computational Biology
    Generate Biomedicines
  • Kristen Hopson

    Head of Immunology and Oncology
    Generate Biomedicines
  • Stephen Kottmann

    Head of Informatics
    Generate Biomedicines
  • Adam Root

    Head of Protein Sciences
    Generate Biomedicines

Board of Directors

  • Noubar Afeyan

    Chair of the Board
    Generate Biomedicines
    Co-Founder and CEO
    Flagship Pioneering
  • Geoffrey von Maltzahn

    Co-Founder & Director
    Generate Biomedicines
    General Partner
    Flagship Pioneering
  • Avak Kahvejian

    Co-Founder & Director
    Generate Biomedicines
    General Partner
    Flagship Pioneering
  • Frances Arnold

    Generate Biomedicines
    Nobel Laureate, Professor
    California Institute for Technology
  • Stéphane Bancel

    Generate Biomedicines
  • Gary Pisano

    Generate Biomedicines
    Harry Figgie Professor of Business Administration
    Harvard Business School

Our people work across disciplines to advance ideas and science together.

Generative Biology is only possible through a true integration of scientific disciplines. We are a close-knit group of cross-disciplinary experts in machine learning, biological engineering, and medicines, each conversant in one another’s fields, working together to create a new one.

  • Machine Learning

    Rather than discovering new medicines, we are using powerful machine learning techniques to generate them directly from the hidden principles we uncover. Generation allows us to overcome the combinatorial problem of discovery and significantly expand the number of potential medicines.

    • Alex RamosPrincipal Scientist, Computational Biology
    • Andy BeamHead of Machine Learning
    • Brinda MonianScientist, Computational Biology
    • Craig MackenzieScientist, Structural Biology
    • Gevorg GrigoryanCo-Founder & Chief Technology Officer
    • Jake FealaHead of Computational Biology
    • Jenhan TaoScientist, Computational Biology
    • John IngrahamPrincipal Scientist, Machine Learning
    • Luis LeboloSenior Software Engineer
    • Max BaranovEngineer, Machine Learning
    • Meghan FranklinScientist, Structural Biology
    • Olivia SchlepphorstSoftware Engineer
    • Saketh SaxenaEngineer, Computational Biology
    • Stephen KottmannHead of Informatics
    • Vince FrappierScientist, Machine Learning
    • Vincent XueScientist, Machine Learning
    • Zak CostelloScientist, Machine Learning
  • Biological Engineering

    Our data pipelines and automation infrastructure allow production of high-quality data that is powered to learn generalizable rules of biology at scale.

    Every protein we generate is assayed for a compendium of functions, allowing us to continually enhance our understanding of underlying principles of proteins as well as the principals of each medicine we generate.

    • Adam RootHead of Protein Sciences
    • Alan LeungSenior Scientist, Protein Engineering
    • Aldo CostaLab Manager
    • Ben ManningScientist, Protein Sciences
    • Brett BlakeleySenior Scientist, Molecular Biology & Automation
    • Dan MoonanScientist, Protein Engineering
    • Doug GobronSenior Research Associate, Next-Generation Sequencing
    • Frank PoelwijkSenior Scientist, Platform Innovation
    • Ian Wallace-MoyerSenior Research Associate, Protein Sciences
    • Kinjal MehtaAssociate Director, Protein Sciences
    • Kirsten BrandResearch Associate, Protein Sciences
    • Patricia TimpugResearch Associate, Protein Sciences
    • Reshica BaralSenior Research Associate, Protein Sciences
    • Robin GreenScientist, Protein Sciences
    • Ross FedermanScientist, Protein Engineering
    • Ziyu SongResearch Associate, Protein Sciences
  • Medicines

    The proteins we generate are rapidly advanced to disease models, allowing us to bring the generation of medicines as close to patients in need as possible.

    • Ali BootwalaResearch Associate, Immunology
    • Bruno NolascoScientist II, Immunology
    • Dan LeventhalSenior Scientist, Immunology
    • Kristen HopsonHead of Immunology and Oncology
    • Ryan PhennicieSenior Scientist, Immuno-oncology
    • Tanvi GawdeResearch Associate, Immuno-oncology
    • Tate TabtiengScientist, Early Discovery
    • Yue LiuPrincipal Scientist, Early Discovery