Adam Root

Adam Root is head of protein sciences at Generate Biomedicines, leading a multidisciplinary team of scientists focusing on protein engineering, in vitro display technologies, high-fidelity gene synthesis, and library construction, as well as advanced analytical protein characterization and developability technologies.

Adam joined Generate from Pfizer, where, most recently, he established and led a high-throughput protein production core lab that supported biotherapeutic drug discovery, producing and characterizing thousands of proteins each year. His group was also responsible for antibody discovery and optimization using phage display. During his 16 years at Pfizer/​Wyeth, Adam led several preclinical programs covering a range of modalities including bispecific antibodies, T‑cell retargeting therapies, targeted nanoparticles, and conditionally activated cytokine fusion proteins. He co-led multiple T‑cell bispecific programs into clinical development, including Pfizer’s first bispecific. Adam’s work has resulted in multiple pending and granted patents as well as several journal articles.

Adam holds an MBA from the University of Massachusetts’ Isenberg School and he earned his MSc and BSc degrees in biochemistry from the University of New Hampshire.