Jake Feala

Jake Feala is head of computational biology at Generate Biomedicines, leading a team of interdisciplinary scientists who bridge the divide between data science and experimental biology.

Jake is passionate about the role of systems models and automated experimentation in the future of science and technology, and has a track record of bringing an integrative, data-centric approach to growing biotech companies.

Before joining Generate, Jake spent two years as a consultant solving problems in computational biology and integrative data analysis for more than 20 biotech startups, including several Flagship companies. Prior to that, he led a team of engineers in developing the clinical neoantigen prediction pipeline for the personalized cancer vaccine program at Moderna, a Flagship company. He has previous experience designing next-generation sequencing pipelines, building scalable cloud data platforms, and performing multi-omic data analyses to discover novel cancer targets.

Jake received a PhD in bioengineering at the University of California, San Diego, and completed postdoctoral training at La Jolla’s Sanford-Burnham Institute. Jake holds two B.S.s, in biomedical engineering and electrical engineering, from the University of Wisconsin–Madison.