Molly Gibson

Molly is a principal at Flagship Pioneering, working as part of a venture-creation team to found and grow companies at the intersection of biology and machine learning.

Through her role in Flagship Labs, Molly has contributed to the launch and growth of Generate Biomedicines, Tessera Therapeutics, Kaleido Biosciences, and Cobalt Biomedicines (which was merged into Sana Biotechnology).

Molly currently serves as co-founder and chief innovation officer of Generate Biomedicines. Prior to joining Flagship in 2017, Molly led computational biology at Kaleido Biosciences. In this role, she developed the company’s computational platform for discovery of microbiome metabolic therapeutics, now in clinical development.

Molly received a PhD in computational and systems biology from Washington University in Saint Louis in the Center for Genome Sciences, with the support of a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. At Wash. U., Molly collaborated with St. Louis Children’s Hospital to study the effects of early life interventions on development of the preterm infant gut microbiome and health outcomes. Molly’s work has resulted in multiple pending patents and publications, including articles in Science and Nature. Molly was honored in 2020 in Endpoints News’ 20 under 40 list in biopharma.